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Training Workshops


Lighthouse provides engaging training workshops and seminars for teachers, parents, residential facility staff, and other professionals. Our experienced behavior analysts can provide training across a variety of areas. We aim to ensure that we provide an informative and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance, and most importantly, we strive to teach meaningful skills that can be immediately  applied in the classroom, home, or other professional setting.

training workshops aba

Training workshops may include but are not limited to: 


  • How ABA can Improve and Enrich the Lives of Children and Families 

  • Basic Applications of ABA

  • Using ABA to Improve Classroom Learning & Behavior

  • ABA in the Treatment of Autism

  • Basic and Advanced Language Training Subjects 

  • Using ABA to Increase Productivity and Effectiveness in Business

  • Functional Behavior Assessment


Our behavior analysts have expertise in a variety of other subject areas. Please contact us to inquire about custom tailoring a presentation or training workshop to meet your personal or staff training needs.

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