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About Our Services


With Lighthouse Behavioral Consulting, you can rest assured that you are getting the best ABA treatment possible, as our specialized therapy services are provided directly by experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We provide individualized treatment programs that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of each client that we serve. The success of our clients is our top priority, and we strive to provide the best treatment possible to each one of the individuals and families that we work with. Specific goals and treatment plans are developed and updated regularly. Our goal is to address all of the needs of our clients across a full range of skill areas.

Home & Community-Based Therapy

Lighthouse provides direct 1:1 therapy services to individuals of all ages. This may include language and communication training, teaching adaptive or personal-care skills, providing treatment to encourage positive behaviors and prevent dangerous or maladaptive behavior, or teaching functional skills that foster indepedent living. 


This treatment is provided directly from experienced Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Teaching functional language and learning skills as well as improving behavior is our expertise. We aim to always teach these skills in a way that goes beyond the training itself and becomes functional and meaningful to their everyday lives!

School Consultation


Our behavior analysts have many years of experience working closely with teachers to improve learning behaviors and help students get the most out of their schooling. Whether the classroom is a calm, easy-going environment or one that is loud and hectic, we understand the importance of a student learning from his teacher, so we strive never to get in the way or step on anyone's toes. We want only the best for the students and aim to support the teacher's goals and to work with teachers and staff to provide behavior assessment and effective interventions for improving behavior and learning.


Whether you are a teacher or a parent of a child who often struggles at school, we can help your student reach their full potential.

Social and Play Skills Teaching


Social skills and play skills are an extremely important part of everyone's lives. They greatly influence general language and communication and play a tremendous role in the development of relationships. Our behavior analysts can help to teach these valuable skills that can vastly improve and enrich the lives of individuals as well as those around them. 

Parent Training & Behavior Consultation


Parent training programs with behavior consultation provide family and caregivers an opportunity to learn about how to teach skills to their child and how to better respond to challenging behaviors.  In most cases, this includes a thorough assessment of the problem and skill deficits, development of functional interventions and/or training programs, and working with families to effectively implement these strategies.


Whether we are providing guidance with improving behavior, helping to establish functional daily routines, or transitioning skills learned during 1:1 therapy to more natural circumstances, the ultimate goal of this type of consultation is to promote independence for the individual in the home and community.

Parent Training
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